Becoming the “Digital Mayor” of Your Market (hang on tight, this one is crazy!)

  Picture this: every business owner and/or influencer in your area feels a sense of gratitude and reciprocity towards you. People recognize you in public places, and tell you how they watch your stuff all the time. What would that type of exposure and publicity do for you and your business? Since that’s exactly what will happen […]

Client Videos They Will Love Making… Almost As Much As You Love the Leads

In the real estate industry, your reputation is EVERYTHING. Treat your clients well, and the referrals will come flooding in. Treat them poorly, and that lead source will quickly dry up. But it extends well-beyond that. Social proof is more important than ever. New prospects often turn to places like Facebook, Google, and Zillow […]

Taking Your Video Quality to the Next Level – and Beyond!

  Let’s face it, you’re no newbie when it comes to recording videos. You’re as comfortable in front of the camera as you are behind it. And now you’re looking to up-the-ante on your efforts. You want to take your video production game to the NEXT LEVEL by learning new techniques and becoming a better […]

Advanced Campaign Management for Maximum ROI

  CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re a pro at all of the foundational basics of Facebook video marketing.. You know what great content looks like, and how to create it. You know how to inexpensively promote it so that you’re consistently staying in front of your target audience. And you’re even seeing new leads coming in. So, now […]