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Ah, the wild and wonderful world of content marketing and video marketing. If you’re anything like us, you’ve heard both terms used ad nauseam. Everywhere you turn, there’s some “self-proclaimed” guru spewing out nonsense that completely contradicts what all the experts say.

It’s time to STOP the insanity!  It’s time to remove the guesswork associated with trying to figure out what will – and will not – perform well!

There’s a “right” way – and a “wrong” way – to shoot videos and post content. This course cuts through all the clutter and breaks it down into the bare bone basics. And then we provide you with a very specific strategy to follow so that you quickly become the go-to expert for search engines.

If using educational content is a part of your current marketing strategy – or it might be at some point in the future – and you want to showcase your expertise in the best possible light, this course covers everything you need to know about authority marketing, from A to Z.


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